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  AudioChannel.Net provides messages on hold presentations and background audio services for business, updated regularly and available online. To use an telephone on hold messages program, please follow the instructions below.


Instructions to Setup an Audiochannel.Net On-Hold Messages Program

Step 1. Download the IMS On Hold Messages and Music Player

Audiochannel.Net uses the IMS On-Hold Messages Player for Windows made by NCH Swift Sound. The player can be downloaded directly by clicking on this link: Once the software has downloaded, run the setup file "imssetup.exe" or open to install the software.

Step 2. Download an AudioChannel.Net On-Hold Program

- Option 1 (Download Files)

For programs which do not update, download one of these files. Once the file has downloaded run your IMS On-Hold Messages Player, select 'Load' and 'Browse' to find the downloaded file then click 'OK'.

- Option 2 (Automatically Updating Audio Channels)

If you select one or more of the following channels, the IMS will automatically log on every day (unattended) and update your on-hold messages. These channels can be used on their own or intersperced with your own company's messages.

To subscribe to an audio channel, run your IMS On-Hold Messages Player, click "Load" and then select the Audio Subscription Channels Option. Click Add end then enter the channel ID as listed below.

  • Answer This ID: 1024-fvtkut
  • Average Day ID: 1025-ciqivd
  • BizQuiz ID: 1026-rkmuop
  • Trivia Time ID: 1027-hukkpq
If you have any suggestions for more channels, please contact us at

- Option 3 (Professional Messages)

You can use the Audiochannel.Net material with professionally produced on-hold messages. If you need to find a producer of on-hold messages, we recommend this list of production studios: - Audio Solutions for Business -